Charitable Donations Are Often Tax Deductible

American red cross donations

It started out as a stressful Sunday afternoon.
You walked into the laundry room to find your husband laying on top of the washer and dryer. With his arms stretched as far as possible, he was trying to reach for the hangers that had fallen down behind the machines. You were frustrated, he was covered in lint, and you knew that you had to get to work.
Three hours later you had gone through all of the hanging clothes in your closet and had removed everything that you have not worn in the last three years. No more waiting to lose weight. No more going to buy new hangers. No more excuses. With four large tubs full of clothes ready to find a better purpose, you mad the decision to donate clothes to Red Cross collection centers. You have taken a few pieces at a time in the past. This, however, was your biggest once time donation.
Your husband is happy. Your closet looks amazing. Additionally, you hope that there will be a number of people who benefit from the decision you made to donate clothes to Red Cross charities.
Taking the Time to Give to Those Who Are Less Fortunate Is a Worthwhile Endeavor

Used clothing donations serve two basic purposes. First, they require that people take the time to clean out their closets, dressers, and drawers to reevaluate what to keep and what to give away. Secondly, these donations mean that someone who is struggling to make ends meet has a resource for warm clothing, especially during these cold winter months.
The fact that many clothing donation centers provide pick up services means that making these donations can be fairly effortless. Receiving $687 million in private donations in the year 2014, the American National Red Cross is the 13th largest U.S. charity as ranked by private donations. In a time when so many in the nation are facing such great need it is important to donate to an organization that can help connect available resources with those who are struggling.
From individual people who have lost their homes in a fire to entire communities that are facing a natural disaster, Red Cross donation centers help distribute necessary items across the nation and across the world. The latest research indicates that 70% of people in the U.S. give to charity each year, and that 3% of American income is given to charities on a yearly basis. Do you contribute to these statistics? if not, maybe it is time for you to donate clothes to Red Cross.

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