Benefits of Mediating Your Divorce

Why wouldn’t you want to mediate your divorce if that can help you settle better compared to going straight to litigation? A domestic mediator is a neutral person that can help in couples mediation or divorce mediation. So before going to court for this family law case, you should always check first if mediation can help you better settle the issues involved in your divorce case, such as child support, property division, child custody, and spouse support.

The mediator is the third party that will facilitate the discussions involved in your divorce settlement. That way, you can guarantee that all issues will be presented and addressed while both parties stay logical and composed. You can also avoid the exorbitant legal fees, delays, and anguish associated with court proceedings by going to a mediator first before filing a lawsuit.

Doing so can also help you shield your kids from the distress of witnessing their mother and father arguing in court. If both parties are open to the potential of, and prepared to try, reaching mutually agreeable settlements that will benefit the whole family, mediation can be successful in finding resolutions. Even if you are extremely hurt or unable to communicate with one another very effectively, mediation will be a great thing for you.

Watch this extremely helpful video by Whitson Law, PLLC, where you will discover the top five reasons why you need to mediate your divorce before filing a lawsuit.

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