Assisted Living Provides the Right Combination of Care and Privacy

Updated 2/6/23.

Nursing homes and assisted living centers offer very different experiences for their patients and residents. People who are nervous about moving into a residential assisted living facility might be unclear about what it will be like for them. Even when people look up certain assisted living terms, they’ll learn more about what makes these facilities unique. People can also research “new home senior care” and “my home assisted living” options.

Assisted family living centers can provide people with even more opportunities. They’ll be able to lead lives that are still relatively active and dynamic. Many senior citizens just need some help with a few habits or with certain aspects of their lives. They don’t require the constant care that they’d receive in a professional nursing home hospital setting.

People make friends at assisted living centers. Some of them might develop new hobbies, or at least continue to practice some of their older ones. Senior citizens who move into condo communities that are full of people their own age might live lives that are similar to those of the people in assisted living centers. They’ll be somewhat more independent. Still, the full experience might not be all that different for most individuals.

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Independent and assisted living accommodations provide the ideal combination of privacy and care that seniors need. For those looking into elder care options, finding comfortable and safe facilities where your older relatives will be well looked after and have access to high quality medical care is a high priority. With a range of accommodations, from one, two and three bedroom units to private suites, individual needs can be taken into account.

Choosing a retirement community
It can be a big decision for seniors and their families to make the transition from their own homes to retirement communities. Increasingly, they’re finding that assisted living is a good choice, with all the necessities for retirement living: comfort, healthcare care on site, community and activities to enrich their lives.
For many, ill health is the main reason to choose assisted living. Over three-fourths of assisted living residents suffer from at least two common chronic conditions out of the top ten. The most common conditions are high blood pressure and Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

Assisted living provides care and comfort
Assisted living services cover medical care and daily living. For elders who need daily healthcare, or help with daily living, assisted living is a comfortable choice. They can be assured of help with all day living activities and needs, while maintaining their privacy and independence. About 40% of all assisted living residents need help with three or more daily activities such as bathing and dressing.
Assisted living for seniors provides 24-hour supervision and onsite healthcare facilities, all meals and snacks, medication management, social services, transportation, laundry service, and housekeeping and maintenance. Many retirement homes also offer activities such as fitness classes, art and crafts, and music.

An enjoyable retirement
To their surprise, many seniors report that they actually enjoy retirement and the community living experience. They are much more likely to make new friends and try new activities in independent living retirement community than they would at home or if they were living with a relative.
This confirms research that the happiest retirees are those who have at least three or four activities to keep them occupied. Such elder care options also keep their worst fear from coming true: they don’t want to be a burden on anyone. On the contrary, they find congenial company and interesting activities to keep them engaged and alert.

Elder care options that offer quality medical care along with all the necessities for a full and enjoyable retirement also provide peace of mind to the families. With the right retirement community, the senior years can truly become the golden years.

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