5 Tips and Tricks to Help You Sleep Better

Reclining bed

Sleeping is the best way to regenerate yourself. But, sometimes it can be hard without a proper sleep schedule. Here are some tips that will better improve your sleep quality, so you will be sleeping like a baby the next time you hit your pillow!

1.Avoid chemicals that interfere with sleep

This may seem obvious, but chemicals like nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine can all alter your sleep patterns. Stay away from these substances for about four hours before you go to bed. Even though many people believe that alcohol may help to bring on sleep, after a few hours it will act as a stimulant and disrupt you while sleeping. So if you are noticing you are being awoken in the middle of the night after drinking, then the alcohol might be to blame!

2. Revamp your bedroom

Your bedroom should be a calm, cool place for you to relax. If it is too bright, cluttered, or cramped, then you may not be able to concentrate on relaxing and falling asleep. Make sure to only sleep in bed, because if you read, work, or do any mentally stimulating activities your brain will soon train itself to recognize your bed as a place to work, not relax.

3. Cut back on your electronics

The blue light that emits from your smartphone, e-reader, laptop, or television will stimulate your brain and cause you to stay awake for longer than necessary. So it is a good idea to say no to electronics for about an hour before you fall asleep in order for your brain to wind down. Try mediating or reading a book beforehand instead.

4. Get the right bed for your back

A proper bed can make all the difference when you fall asleep. Your sleep quality can severely diminish if you have too hard or too soft of support. If you sleep with a partner, consider investing in adjustable beds as they will offer each person the support they need for undisturbed sleep.

5. Keep the clocks out of your room

Watching your clock every night will only induce stress, and cause you to stay up longer than necessary. Keep the clocks far away from your room, but if you have to keep one turn the clock face towards the wall.

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