Have the Best Ibogaine Therapy Experience with These 6 Tips

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For people who suffer from addiction to drugs or alcohol, there are a lot of kinds of treatments available. In recent years, ibogaine treatment centers have become more and more popular as the natural substance has been shown to help people recover from addiction. Ibogaine experts say that the substance is able to reset the receptors in the brain to what they were like before they were ever exposed to drugs or alcohol. Some have likened this to resetting a computer to a point in time when the operating system worked as it should. If you are planning to go to an ibogaine addiction treatment facility, there are some things you can do to make the most from the experience.

  1. Research your options. Ibogaine therapy is not legal in the United States so if you are going to go to an ibogaine treatment center, you will have to leave the country. Some people plan to go to through the ibogaine drug treatment program and then go on a vacation. That is all well and good but you need to pick the ibogaine treatment center based on the programs and options for treatment that they offer. You need to look at the facility itself and make sure it has what you want and not pay so much attention to the tourist attractions in the area.
  2. Get yourself ready. While there is no special diet that ibogaine treatment centers require or recommend but before you go, you need to have been abstinent from alcohol for at least five days. You also should eat a healthy diet that has fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and try to avoid processed foods that are high in fat and salt. The more nutritious the food is that you consume leading into your ibogaine treatment, the better you will be able to manage the treatment. Eating well before your arrival at the ibogaine treatment center will also help you sleep while you are there.
  3. Stay hydrated. The first few days of your ibogaine treatment will be hard on your body, A lot is happening to restore your brain chemistry to a point before you started using drugs or alcohol. Being properly hydrated will help a lot with this process so make sure you drink enough water before and during your treatment. While you will not suffer the same level of discomfort that normally comes along with detox from drugs and alcohol, you will need all of your strength to get through the first few days.
  4. People in recovery often say they have to “trust the process.” This is true of the ibogaine drug treatment program. You need to keep a positive outlook and attitude. You may have a hard time some of the time but the bad feelings will pass if you remember to stay focused on the benefits to getting off of drugs and alcohol. Talk to the staff of the ibogaine treatment center and work with them to get through the bad times. Just focus on the future. Meditation often helps. All the negativity that you may experience is only temporary.
  5. Bring comfortable clothing. For you time at the ibogaine treatment center, you are going to want to be as comfortable as possible. That means the clothing you bring should fit loosely and move with you. You should bring clothing so that you can dress in layers. The shoes you bring with you should be comfortable, too. Most people who undergo this treatment bring shoes that can be easily slipped on and off. Many programs are done with people without their shoes so this makes that easier.
  6. Get ready for your life back home. When you are done with your ibogaine treatment, you are going to go back to your life. You need to do what you need to do to make it possible to get back to that life without also returning to using drugs or alcohol. One thing that many people do is involve their friends and family in their recovery process so that they will have a network of support to help them after their ibogaine treatment is over.

With some effort, recovery from addiction is possible.

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