5 Things your Maid Wishes that you Knew

Maid services are popular because they help many households perform chores that are necessary, but that there never seems to be enough time to perform. There are almost 900,000 maids currently working in the United states meaning there are tons of homes getting cleaned. Finding dependable maid service may take some work, but it’s worth it. So long as you remember that just as you want your maid to know things about cleaning, your maid wants you to know things about cleaning as well.


Let’s be realistic here, if everyone could clean at the speed we wanted then there would be no need for hiring a maid service. The fact is cleaning takes time and thorough cleaning takes even longer. When finding a maid service keep this in mind. Whether looking for apartment cleaning, house cleaning services or even just spring cleaning service for one day, remember that they are real people. A dependable maid service must take the time to thoroughly clean, and sometimes our expectations are not realistic. Don’t expect a spotlessly clean house with no dirt what so ever if they have a one hour time limit.


No we are not talking about cleaning baseboards and getting rid of the dirt and vacuuming and sweeping and mopping and dusting…. We are talking about picking up the clutter. Throw your makeup off the counter into it’s space. Clean the kids toys out of the bathtub. Pick dirty clothes up off the floor and put them where they go. Clean the kitchen cabinets off and put stuff where it goes. The less time your main spends picking up clutter the more cleaning she can get done in a timely manner. So if you want your house cleaned properly, help them out and get rid of the clutter.


If you have a pet that is easily startled by loud noises or by strangers, then it may be a good idea to have the animal put up. Constant barking while cleaning can get annoying, and no one wants to be responsible for scaring the tea cup poodle by turning on the vacuum. No one wants to clean pee out of the carpet when the jack russel has an accident due to a loud vacuum. Tend to your pets by putting them outside, in a kennel or in a room. Leave instructions to let them out after the maid service is done if you wish, just corral them so the maid can do their job properly.


Everyone has a certain way they fold towels. Everyone has a certain way they like pillows on their bed. If you have a certain way that you like things done, then leave a note and let your maid service know. This will not hurt their feelings, this will help them feel as though they are doing something that you will be pleased with. When leaving instructions, make sure to give full instructions not partial and expect them to know the rest. Remember dependable maid services clean multiple houses a day, so it can be hard to remember how every single house like their stuff done.


When dusting, it only makes sense that things must be moved in order for proper dusting to take place. If there are family heirlooms that are priceless and cannot be replaced, please consider moving them. At least for the time being when the maid service comes to visit. This can eliminate the possibility of something getting broken. Accidents do happen, and although most maid services should have insurance, that still can’t replace a 100 year old heirloom.

Regular spot cleaning can help your dependable maid service tremendously. People typically change bed sheets once every two weeks, but if you have maid service one a week, wash them weekly. When showering run the exhaust or crack the window, this helps water dry out and prevents mold from forming on your shower. Consider these small tips along with the ones listed above to help your maid perform her job as easily as possible while producing desirable results.

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