3 Tips to Surviving the Terrible Twos

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The terrible twos do not have to be a period in your child’s development that you have to dread. Dealing with terrible twos can be exhausting for both the parents and the child, but one key factor in understanding the terrible twos is to fully comprehend what is happening with your child.

The terrible twos are a time of emotional development for your child that brings them to a crossroads. They are old enough to experience the world around them, and they are at the age where they can form their own opinions. But, their vocabulary is not developed enough to help them explain what it is they want or feel.

So in order to combat the stresses of dealing with terrible twos, here are some hacks to do with your child in order to have a stress free year!

1. Talk to your child all the time

Talking with your child when they are an infant will help to foster a sense of communication from a young age. You can even try sign language, as this will help cut down on toddler screaming tantrums for not being able to express simple ideas.

2. Giving them a choice

Your toddler is now feeling independent, so it is important to foster that sense of self from an early age. It doesn’t have to be complex, it can be giving them a choice of two juices to choose from in the morning. You will only be giving them choices that you approve of, so the outcome will not be negative no matter what you do. Just don’t give them too many choices, or you may have a confused child on your hands.

3. Make sure their physical needs are met

Typical terrible twos behavior is to develop a tantrum in the matter of seconds. When this happens, make sure to go through a mental checklist and decide if their needs have been met. This means remembering how long it has been since the child has napped, eaten, or drank. If you cannot remember, then your child may just need to sleep or have a meal and all will be calm.

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