The Benefits of Having a Metal Roof

Residential roofing

Replacing a roof is something that every homeowner must replace at some point, whether it is because of storm damage or it’s become worn over time. Out of all the options available on the market today choosing a metal roof can be very beneficial and have better safety advantages. Not only are there many perks to metal roofing but also a variety of options to choose from, everything from the type of metal to the style and color of the roof.

  • Variety: Metal roofs are available in a variety of colors so you will be able to choose a shade that matches the exterior of your house without having to repaint everything. You also have several options for metal types ,such as steel roofing and aluminum roofing, some types are more durable than others but they are all generally made of recycled materials which are great for the environment.

  • Durability: A metal roof can last up to seven times longer than a typical asphalt shingled roof, is fire resistant and can sustain wind gusts at much higher speeds. Metal roofs also don’t need the periodic maintenance required by shingle or slate, but it is still a good idea to check them routinely to make sure everything is still in order.

  • Cost: When it comes to residential roofs choosing metal can save you money, you could actually save as much as 25% a year on energy costs by having a local roofing company install a new metal roof. Even the most expensive metal roof will still cost up to 30% less than the cheapest slate roof available, add all that up and you could be saving a pocketful in maintenance, cost, and yearly savings.

You don’t have to worry about not being able to find a metal roofing company they are actually quite common and specialize in metal roof installation. As a matter of fact, any local roofing company should be capable of installing a variety of roof types, whether it’s commercial or residential roofs. While you are contemplating what type of new roof is best for your home, don’t forget about the advantages of having a metal roof.

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