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Is It Time To Downsize My Home? Questions To Ask Yourself

home buyingThe choice to downsize is something that many homeowners face during their lives. Big life changes, evolving preferences, and adjustments in lifestyle can all cause you to consider making the switch to a smaller home. But how can you know for sure? Before you decide to start a new home buying journey and browse smaller homes for sale, ask yourself these key questions.

  1. Will I be empty-nesting soon? This is one of the main reasons that people choose to downsize their homes. If your children will soon be moving out of the house for good, it might be an economical decision to move into a smaller home.
  2. Am I able to keep up with maintenance? As you age, it may become more difficult to maintain your home’s features. For some people, it may also simply be too difficult to afford repairs...
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Exploring The Ways Estate Sale Professionals Help You Get The Most For Your Money: Part 2

estate saleIn the last post, we discussed some unique ways to get the most for your money by working with estate planning professionals. However, there are many more benefits that come with experienced industry professionals. Here are some more ways estate sale experts can help you maximize your profits.

  1. Innovative Advertising Strategies:
    The challenges of holding an estate sale are often difficult to keep up with for the typical DIY-er. Many don’t realize that estate sales typically run for three days — Friday through Sunday — and it is imperative to advertise your estate sale online one to two weeks prior to the day of the sale. Otherwise, not many people will know about it, aside from your neighbors.
  2. Ability To Work As Security During Sale:
    This is one aspect of holding an estate sale that many ...
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Quick Tips To Prepare Your Home for Sale

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If you have a home for sale you are most likely accounting for all the little repairs and renovations that need to be accomplished before you put your home on the market. Getting your house for sale ready does not mean that you will have to break open the piggy bank to add some luster to your house. Below you will find some easy and cost effective repairs to make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

You Home Only Gets One Chance to Make a Good Impression on Potential Buyers

Homes for sale make an impression on potential buyers before they even take a single step

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