Exploring The Ways Estate Sale Professionals Help You Get The Most For Your Money: Part 2

estate saleIn the last post, we discussed some unique ways to get the most for your money by working with estate planning professionals. However, there are many more benefits that come with experienced industry professionals. Here are some more ways estate sale experts can help you maximize your profits.

  1. Innovative Advertising Strategies:
    The challenges of holding an estate sale are often difficult to keep up with for the typical DIY-er. Many don’t realize that estate sales typically run for three days — Friday through Sunday — and it is imperative to advertise your estate sale online one to two weeks prior to the day of the sale. Otherwise, not many people will know about it, aside from your neighbors.
  2. Ability To Work As Security During Sale:
    This is one aspect of holding an estate sale that many people don’t even take a moment to consider. But the fact is estate sales can sometimes be big attractors for thieves, and there’s so much going on at once that it’s simply impossible for one person to keep an eye on everything and everyone. Professionals, on the other hand, know exactly which tactics to look for and will stay vigilant throughout the entirety of the sale. Remember, it only takes a second for somebody to swipe something valuable, and any lost profits can be detrimental to the entire pursuit.
  3. Good Sense Of Items In High Demand:
    Many people holding their own estate sales don’t fully realize that most estate sales will sell between 70% and 90% depending on what’s for sale, the date, weather, location, and economy. One factor that can cause this metric to go down is if you’re selling items at the sale that just aren’t in demand. Similarly, professionals have the ability to determine whether or not the items you thought were worthless are, in fact, worth anything. Many times, people throw away items that they could’ve sold for a substantial amount of money.

When it comes down to it, taking full advantage of estate appraisal services is hands-down the best way to maximize the profits of your estate sale, no matter what quality or quantity of items you’re working with. For more information about estate sales, contact Epic Auctions.

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