Why Oceanfront Property In Florida Is So Inviting

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If you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community then you know what it is like to search for a third party to help you with an upcoming project. Whether you are looking for a lawyer, realtor, car dealer, or personal shopper, there are more things that you think about than a straight person might. For instance, when gay couples are looking for homes and are working with a realtor who is closed-minded, they might get treated different or have things said to them that are not okay. In order to feel safe and know truly taken care of equally, many members of the LGBTQ+ community will specifically search for gay realtors, lawyers, doctors, etc. for their needs. Once you find a realtor your comfortable with, you’ll need to know what questions to ask. Below are a few good starting points specifically if you are looking for beach real estate:

Your List of Must Haves – Whether you are searching for oceanfront condos for sale, new condos, mansions, or just a standard residential home, you need to make yourself a list of “must haves”. This is a list of things that you cannot live without in your new home. Some ideas of must haves are dishwashers, ice makers, backyard space, upstairs with a view, and so much more. Be open with your realtor about your must haves so that you don’t waste any time looking at places that do not fit the bill.

Understanding Location – Who wouldn’t love being able to tell their realtor they would like to be shown oceanfront condos for sale in an incredibly beautiful area? That is one of the reasons that nearly 40 percent of people buying vacation homes end up purchasing property on the beach. The beach is beautiful, but it is very different than living in a landlocked location. Will you have to be concerned about high winds, hurricanes, or flooding? These are all questions to ask your realtor so that you are as prepared as possible before purchasing the home.

Potential Drawbacks – This might seem like an odd thing to ask your realtor, but in reality it is an exceptional question to ask. Why? Because your realtor sees houses every single day and can approach each one as a neutral party, unlike the actual homebuyer who is perhaps using rose tinted glasses as they see new homes.

There is a reason that Florida?s total population is 21 million and is growing by nearly 1,000 people every day. It’s because people love to live near, around, and on the beach. The sunshine state is inviting to all generations and has so much to offer. Florida is also a state were there are incredibly forward thinking communities that truly care about their LGBTQ+ community members and encourage inclusion. If you are looking for oceanfront condos for sale, remember to start in Florida!

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