Why Chimney Cleaners Recommend Frequent Services

Chimneys are easy to clean, and anyone can do it for themselves, provided they have the right equipment. This videp recommends chimney cleaning as a to-do list for homeowners, especially during winter. Chimney cleaners offer chimney cleaning services and recommend frequent chimney cleanup because of the following.
Regular cleaning of the chimney is essential as it ensures home safety.

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Consistent use of the fireplace to warm the house involves burning so much wood. The smoke from the fire leaves the house through the chimney. Over time, creosote starts to accumulate on the chimney’s walls.
Chimney cleaners confirm that creosote is highly flammable. If not removed, they accumulate to the point of igniting and burning at high temperatures exceeding 2000Fh, especially during winter. At such high temperatures, the fires prove challenging to put out and may spread to the rest of the house, causing significant damage. Moreover, cleaning the chimney helps avoid an accumulation of toxic and life-threatening gases, for instance, carbon monoxide. Those gases are harmful, and inhaling them can cause respiratory problems and even death.

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