What to Look for When You Want to Buy a Pre Owned Golf Cart

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Do you live in a community that allows golf carts to be driven? Many retirement communities around the nation met their residents use golf carts. The Florida retirement community, The Villages, is home to 700,000 people. They have put in a wide ranging golf cart system that has includes at least 100 miles. Residents are also allowed to ride in their golf carts on many of the streets and roads in that area. If you live in a place, like the Villages, you may want to look into pre owned golf carts. You can often get a lot more features with used golf carts than you would be able to afford on a new golf cart. There are some things you should look out for when you go to the golf cart dealers.

  1. Set your budget. Before you make any purchase like this, you have to decide how much you can spend. The price tag you see on the pre owned golf carts will have an impact on what cart you choose to buy. The more features and accessories you want the cart to have, the higher the price will be. While you will end up paying a lot less when you buy a used golf cart, there is a very wide range when it comes to how much golf cart dealers will charge for their carts. Going in with a set budget that can help you get a cart that you can use and can afford.
  2. Ask about the age of the pre owned golf carts. There are a few reasons you may want to wary of buying older pr owned golf carts. In the first place, the older used golf carts may have a lot more wear and tear. They may need a lot more work to make them run smoothly. Another problem that people have with the older models of golf carts is that it can be harder to find parts or have repairs done on these older carts. The parts may just not be available and they may be a lot more expensive to procure.
  3. How much refurbishing has the cart needed? How much has been done? Some golf carts end up being sold in the same condition the dealer got them in. Other dealers will go to the trouble of refurbishing it. This usually results in a cart that is close to being in the same condition as when it was new. refurbished golf carts will usually cost more but that may be worth it. You should always ask about what work has been done on any used vehicle that you buy and that is no different when you are looking at pre owned golf carts. Be careful when you examine the golf carts. Look for obvious signs that there was damage that has been repaired. Check the tired for wear. You should never buy a pre owned golf cart until you have had a chance to take it for a test drive.
  4. What features do you want? One thing that is great about buying pre owned golf carts is that you ca get more features. Think about how you plan to use your golf cart and what features you need. Do you need it to have storage? What accessories do you really want? Going to the dealer with the list of things you must have and a list of things you might like to have will help you find the right used golf cart for your needs.
  5. Ask about the power supply. There are several options when it comes to the power supply for golf carts. Some golf carts run on gas but you need to be able to access a gas source. If you want to go with an electrically powered golf cart, you need to ask if the battery can be recharged. Look at the leads and the battery to see that they are in a good condition. Ask about the age of the battery. No battery lasts forever so if you cannot tell how old the battery is, you should ask.

Pre owned golf carts can be great for getting around your community and provide you more mobility.


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