What to Expect From Your Septic Pumping Service

If you’re a first-time homeowner, the prospect of your first septic pumping can be intimidating, especially if you’re not sure what to anticipate. When the expert arrives to clean out your tank, expect the following five things.

Because there is no group dedicated to the humane treatment of septic systems, many homeowners will ignore their septic system for years, if not decades. Unfortunately, this usually implies that the future owner and the septic professionals will be responsible for the costs.

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In rare circumstances, the septic tank has been abandoned for so long that no one knows where it is buried.

In this case, the technician will have to go on the quest for it. They might want a blueprint of the structure (which you can typically get from the county records office). This can be used as a treasure map to locate the tank’s location. If you don’t have it, the technician may search for the tank by looking for where the sewer line leaves your house and following it out.

Solid waste is on the bottom, liquid effluent is in the middle, and a scum layer is floating on top of your septic tank. To begin, the technician will place a hose into the access hole and begin pumping the waste out.

Know more about what to expect with septic pumping service by watching this video.


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