Wedding Day Preparation Checklist

So, you have recently become engaged. Congratulations! This will be one of the most exciting moments of your lives, and it’s only the beginning of your adventures as a soon-to-be-married couple!

Take some time to bask in the glory of what has just occurred. You are officially engaged! After you’ve digested that, you will want to start preparing for the best party ever. But where do you start? Allow this wedding day preparation checklist to guide you through the process.

Each section is mentioned below in the order that is most critical for your schedule. It’s crucial to note that everyone’s timeframe will be different, which is essential because it’s not there to stress you out.

Six to twelve months before the wedding

This is the checklist you will need a year or six months before your big day. If you want to achieve perfection, use this wedding planning checklist six months or twelve months before your wedding.

Decide budget

As soon as you set a date for the most anticipated day of your life, your anxiety and excitement levels rise. And, in most circumstances, the budget remains the most pressing worry.

Some of the most important things to consider during the early stages of wedding planning are how much to spend, when to spend it, and where to spend it. As a result, it’s critical to finish the budget before moving on to the next item on your wedding planning to-do list!

So, separate the items you want to spend money on from those that will undoubtedly necessitate spending. Decide on the most important costs and an approximate amount for your wedding.

 Wedding insurance

It’s usually a good idea to buy wedding insurance as you begin planning your wedding. Contact your attorney to help you out so that you are covered for every dime. It costs nothing more to arrange your wedding insurance ahead of time, and you can usually receive coverage for a wedding ceremony up to two years in advance.

Finalize guest list

Another perplexing aspect of wedding planning is deciding who should be invited and who should not. Sit down and divide the list into immediate family and friends, coworkers, neighbors, and mutual friends or acquaintances.

When making your wedding day preparation checklist, figure out how many people you’d like to invite to your wedding. Make a list of the people whose absence from your wedding would make a significant difference, and make sure they are on the final list. You might even separate the guest list according to their locations for easier planning and stress-free days ahead!

Selecting a wedding venue

Because having an opulent wedding has become such a popular trend, there’s almost no chance of getting the ideal venue because most wedding venues are booked months in advance. As a result, begin looking for your dream wedding site at least 10 to 11 months ahead of time.

Consider crucial variables such as space, location, ambiance, venue size, and the estimated number of guests that will attend the ceremony.

Choose the caterer

When choosing a venue, make sure to inquire about catering options. If it doesn’t, find the best caterers in the area and include them in the wedding day preparation checklist! If the food tastes nice, a wedding day is a tremendous success. You can play around with your food by serving a variety of cuisines. If you want to be safe, you can always stick to the standard options.

Hire a wedding planner

While some people enjoy planning their weddings, some prefer to sit back and relax. In the latter scenario, it’s ideal to employ a seasoned wedding planner who can handle the wedding day preparation checklist and organize everything according to your preferences and needs. However, make sure you employ a planner well ahead of time so that they can go to work right away!

Check the latest trends

There’s an ever-changing trend for everything, including weddings, whether your attire, wedding themes, photography or invitation cards. This is the greatest time to put your foot down, take a seat, and learn about what’s going on around you. You might come across something that catches your attention and turns your wedding into a one-of-a-kind event.

Get in shape

Dance aerobics, body sculpting, High-Intensity Interval Training, Pilates, and spin class are all acceptable options to get in shape. Because many wedding gowns show off your upper body, work on toning your back and arms.

You can also make an appointment with your family doctor for checkups to ensure you are in great shape and ready for the wedding.

Three to five months before the wedding

If your wedding is three to five months away, these are the considerations you should make. Including these aspects in your wedding day preparation checklist, three months before the wedding can come in handy to ensure that everything is addressed.

Wedding invitation selection

Everything about your wedding invitation counts, from the color to the design and text, so now is the best time to finish the style and feel. You can make it as simple as you wish or have it made to match your wedding theme. Make sure you’ve done enough study over the last few months to make the best option possible at this time.

Contact your videographer and photographer

An essential item on your wedding planning checklist is to book a videographer and photographer for your big day!

While casual photography has piqued the majority of the population’s interest, some still prefer the conventional method of collecting memories. Make sure you’ve decided whether you want candid photography, theme photography, or old-school photography by now, and book the videographer and photographer as soon as possible.

Make Entertainment Preparations

There is no such thing as a wedding that isn’t accompanied by good music or entertainment. And there’s no better time to have a famous band perform at your wedding than now. Get your hands on a list of the greatest bands available and make a reservation far ahead of time. You might also include dancers on your wedding day preparation checklist to keep everyone entertained throughout the ceremony.

Get your makeup artist on board

Another important item to cross off your wedding planning to-do list is to book a makeup artist for the major ceremonies. This is the best time to schedule your groom or pre-bridal package at the salon, as well as a makeup artist for the major ceremonies. Get their quotes and book the best one as quickly as possible if you’ve previously picked a few nice ones.

Start planning your honeymoon

If you’ve been talking about your honeymoon up to this point, it is time to get serious about organizing it. Look for potential vacation spots, narrow down the ones you truly want to visit and research the sights and activities available. Check out the photographs to see if it’s a spot worth a visit on your honeymoon.

Shop for jewelry

Purchasing wedding jewelry and rings is one of the most important jobs on your wedding day preparation checklist since it requires time and patience. And now is the greatest time to cross this item off your to-do list!

So, visit the best jewelry stores and look for the designs you want in your collection or for your spouse’s wedding ring. Also, keep an eye out for any discounts that the jewelry brands may be offering, as there’s nothing wrong with saving a few dollars.

Shop for your attire

his is the most exciting but the most time-consuming job on your to-do list. Playing dress-up can be entertaining, but only if you get what you want. So that you don’t end up with a frazzled mind, plan for your D-Day outfit shopping. It takes time, but it’ll be worth it if you get the dress or suit you’ve always wanted to wear on your wedding day!

Look to see if you want to wear anything that matches your wedding’s theme or if you want to wear different outfits for each ceremony. Take your time before making your final decision

Book accommodation for guests

You should have your guest list ready by now, and you should know which family and friends are traveling from distant towns. It’s time to find them a suitable and comfortable place to stay. Find decent hotels and guest homes that offer courteous hospitality and amenities to ensure that your guests are as comfortable as possible. Also, make certain that the accommodations are close to the wedding venue.

Two months before the wedding

Send out wedding invites

Sending out invitations to your friends, colleagues, and family at this time is perfect. Check the invitation, print the names, and send them out to your guests.

Book an officiant

Discuss all of your wedding requirements with an officiant, and book them for the day before the wedding season gets too busy. Also, make a wedding day preparation checklist of all the things you will need for the ceremony and have them ready a few days before the big day.

Check your loan status

Debts that you and your husband incurred before marriage are your sole responsibility, but multifamily loans that you take out together after the wedding will be shared equally. Before you tie the knot, having a family law attorney to help, you understand how much debt you’re both bringing to the union and how you will handle the debt you take on as a pair can be highly beneficial. If you don’t have access to an attorney, you can search for a lawyer near me.

Trousseau Shopping

If you’re searching for a good reason to shop, there is no better moment than this. Take a vacation from all of your responsibilities and go shopping. You may want something for everyone in your new wardrobe. Shop for western ethnic or formal clothing based on your needs, but make sure you include a variety of colors and styles in your wedding day preparation checklist.

One month before the wedding

Shop for your honeymoon

While you may be enjoying an adrenaline rush as your wedding approaches, keep in mind that the celebrations will last until your honeymoon. Call your best buddy and go shopping for the beautiful clothes, shoes you’ve been eyeing, and sunglasses that make you look very cool. Make sure you get everything you need based on your honeymoon destination and the climate.

Follow up with the vendors

Call your wedding venue’s management, the DJ, the florist, the makeup, your videographer and photographer, and everyone else involved in the wedding’s planning one last time. Ensure your wedding day preparation checklist is in order, and double-check the wedding checklist.

One week before the wedding

Give final headcount to the caterer

Before your big day, it’s equally crucial to take care of your catering facilities. As a result, give the caterer the final plate number. It guarantees that any catering-related contingencies are eliminated. Feel free to include a surprising cuisine in your wedding day preparation checklist to keep your visitors entertained. Also, request extra plates in case something goes wrong!

Prepare payment receipts

Weddings are about how much money you have and where you will spend it. As a result, an expenditure sheet must be kept. Allow all receipts such as payment for junk removal services to be deposited into that register while you attend to other vital matters. The better organized you are, the less trouble you will have.

Seek for advice

Marriage therapists can help you identify what you’ve missed and they provide couples with different viewpoints on their issues to help them overcome challenges. Couples therapy, in general, is extremely useful to couples before marriage.

A wedding planning checklist is useful since it organizes and defines all of the tasks and products you’ll need to get ready for your big day. Check off things as you go through the planning process so that all you have to do on the wedding day is relax and enjoy yourself

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