Tips tor Buying Amish Furniture

Amish garden shed

Amish furniture has been popular since the 1920s. That is when American folk art was first discovered by art dealers and historians. This is when the furniture began to be valued for its good quality and the beauty of the different pieces. All authentic Amish furniture is made completely by hand. People can buy a wide variety of Amish items such as an Amish pool house or Amish shed to just about any piece of furniture.

Tips tor Buying Amish Furniture:

  • Research your options. There are a lot of different styles and looks. The woods used in Amish furniture are most often oak, maple, walnut, cherry and hickory and there are a number of different stains you can choose from. If you are buying more than one piece, you may want different styles or stains for each. The style you want for your Amish pool house may be very different from what you want for your bookshelves. Look at different samples and builders to get a sense of what you like. If you can look at the pieces in person, that is always a better way to get a good feel for them.
  • Look at your current style and decor. Consider your existing color palate and style. If you are looking for an Amish pool house, look at the style of your home. You should find a style that compliments your home. If your piece will be outside, in the same of the Amish pool house or any of the Amish gazebos, look at your landscaping and think about the look you are going for. If you are putting your pieces inside, consider how they will look with the rest of your furniture and decorations. How will that coffee table look with your couch and chairs? If you are visiting the area where your furniture will be built, bring pictures of your furniture or home.
  • How much do you plan to buy? Are you looking for one or two pieces? Do you want to furnish an entire room or buy full dining room set? If you want to get a large number of pieces, you will probably have to be patient. Amish builders do not mass produce their pieces and will scoff at being asked to do that. What you can do is buy a few pieces here and another few someplace else. The only real drawback is that you will have to be careful that all of the pieces look good together. On the plus side, even pieces that do not match perfectly can have a different kind of charm and appeal.
  • Know how much space you have. Measure the spaces you want to add furniture. One common saying in carpentry is to “measure twice and cut once.” The saying applies when buying furniture. This will prevent you from buying pieces that do not fit in your home. If you are getting an Amish pool house, err on the side of getting one that is bigger than you think you will need. For sheds, experts recommend adding at least 25% to the area you expect you will need.

If the Amish furniture you buy is new or if you are having it custom built, you should allow at least eight weeks for it to be completed. This may be longer for an Amish pool house or garden shed. Any wait will be well worth it. Most Amish furniture will last you a long time. The workmanship is top notch and the quality is much better than anything you will find that has been mass produced for a chain store. Even pieces that are not custom built for you and your home will look unique. This is the case if you buy one piece of furniture or an entire dining room set. Because each piece is hand crafted, it will always have a special look to it.

If you have an Amish pool house or custom shed made, it will add a certain classic look to your yard and home. The quality of work is hard to miss and the return on investment is high. These items will also last a long time and provide you with a safe and secure location to store your furniture or lawn equipment.

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