Three of the Best PS3 Family Games

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Did you know, according to the ESRB, 67% of American households play video games? These digital forms of interactive media have been growing in popularity since the release of Donkey Kong in the late 1980’s. In just the last three years, according to Pando Networks, gaming in the United States has grown by 450%. Many parents want to use video games to connect with their children, but they are often troubled to find the games many kids are playing are violent and bloody. For those parents looking for fun family games that lack over-hyped violence, this list is for you. Here are three of the best PS3 family games.

  • The Little Big Planet Series
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    Little Big Planet, which was first released in 2008, is among the best PS3 family games because it lacks any real world violence. The series now features a racing game and a sequel to the main story. They are part of the puzzle-platformer genre of games and feature in-game systems that allow you and your family to build your own worlds. Want to create a puzzle in a pirate world? You can do that in LBP. Because of the ease with which all gamers can get into the game and the lack of violence, the Little Big Planet series has sold over 10 million copies to date, according to VGChartz.

  • Disney Infinity
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    Disney Infinity is a recently released action-adventure game for the Playstation 3. The best family games allow you and your children to come together over common ground. What is more common than a love of Disney and Pixar characters? The violence in this game is stylized and kept to a minimum, but the action is constant. Due to the familiar characters and intuitive gameplay, this is thought of as one of the best new family games in years, according to IGN’s gaming community.

  • Family Game Night 4
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    One of the best family games for game night is the aptly named Family Game Night 4. Hasbro has been publishing the series since 2008 as a way to provide families with a centralized port to play all of their favorite games. The latest version, according to, features Connect 4 Basketball, Yahtzee! Bowling, and others. If you are looking for the best PS3 family games that do not feature violence, this is likely number one.

Keep these three great choices in mind the next time you are looking for family friendly video games for your family night. All of these experiences feature little to no violence and are readily available for your Playstation 3 entertainment system. Get out there and game!

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