The Evolution of Family Game Night

Best family wii games

Family game night has changed quite a bit in the last decade or so, but the goal has always been the same… to come together and have a good time.

There is occasionally a push by conservative groups to demonize the video game industry as something detrimental to family life, and possibly to civilization as we know it. But the truth is, gaming consoles such as the Wii are simply different tools families can use to laugh, compete, and share time with one another. And there are plenty of games available to help them do just that.

Some of the best new family games are versions of older games that became game night hits. Mario Party 9, for the Nintendo Wii, capitalizes on the success of its predeccessor (Mario Party 8) and offers up an even more interactive and family centric title to share with players of all ages. A game board style world populated with hundreds of exciting mini games is sure to offer challenging head to head play as you and your loved ones find your favorites and compete for coins.

Another of the best family games for Wii takes a completely different approach. The Endless Ocean series (including Endless Ocean and its sequel, Endless Ocean Blue World) offers families a chance to explore a beautifully rendered underwater world, complete with shipwrecks, trenches, reefs, and more aquatic life than you can shake a flipper at. While there are certain goals and objectives you can pursue, the true beauty of this game lies in its freedom. You can send your diver in any direction to look at anything that catches your eye. Endless Ocean provides a marvelous opportunity to learn, bond, and explore the ocean from the comfort of your couch.

But what list of the best family games for the Wii would be complete without that classic example of crazy fun and high speed antics, MarioKart. Up to four players can simultaneously race against each other and the rest of the computer controlled contestants, using a variety of karts, motorcycles, and characters, on over 60 different race courses. Race as a team or individuals, dodging turtle shells, banana peels, and host of other wacky obstacles and weapons. MarioKart is also one of the most fun family games online, giving players the chance to race against opponents from around the world, giving a decidedly international feel to your family night.

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