The Basics of Home Electrical Installations

If you want to do a DIY electrical installation, you need to note a few basic things. Keeping these tips in mind could help you prevent getting shocked or causing a fire.
• The wire size is critical for any electrical installation.

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Different wire sizes are used for various purposes. You must consider the gauge and capacity of the wire and match it with the correct amperage to avoid a short circuit.
• Color coding- color coding is another important aspect of electrical installation. The red and black sheathed cables are used for carrying power. They are considered hot connections that could cause electric shock if not handled properly. White wires are neutral conductors, while green wires are used for grounding wires.
• Markings- Before you get wires for your DIY project, you should check the marking on the outer sheathing to get information about the wire’s size, number, and unique characteristics.
It is also important to note that a licensed electrician should only wire an electrical panel. DIYers with basic installation knowledge run the risk of shock or causing electrical fires.

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