The Average American Moves 12 Times In Their Lifetime How To Hire The Best Moving Help

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How are you preparing for your move? This process varies from person to person, but the one element that ties us all together is that we’ve likely done it before. Americans are a people that are regularly on-the-go, experiencing multiple moves throughout their lifetime for a plethora of reasons ranging from job relocation to starting a family. If you’ve found yourself getting the travel itch yet again or are going somewhere for the first time, moving truck rental companies have your back. They do everything from help you plan your shipments to keep your items safe from harm, creating the peace-of-mind you so desperately need in a hectic week.

Why Do People Move?

Moving truck rental companies have their work cut out for them. People move for a lot of different reasons, compelling them to go to the next town over, a different state and sometimes a different country altogether. The year 2009 saw the most common reason people packed their bags and left was for a better house or apartment at nearly 15%. A few years later saw 60% of moves to another state. Additional reasons for moving include a new job, a new promotion, starting a family, seeking out a better living environment or educational reasons. Whatever your reasons may be, moving helpers will make the process much, much easier.

How Often Do People Move?

You may be worried you’re moving too much. However, common data would suggest Americans move quite a bit more than previously thought. Nearly 43 million Americans of varying ages and backgrounds will move on a yearly basis — a study gathered by U.S. Census data between 2013 and 2014 saw one in nine people changing their residence. Every year one-third of all renters will move, to boot, making the United States a country known for its wanderlust. One of the best ways to ensure your move is a safe and smooth transition is to find a moving company to help you with relocating your furniture and general belongings.

How Expensive Is Moving?

Moving isn’t often a spontaneous decision. People choose it because they want to create a better life for themselves that they’re just not getting in their current city or residence. The average American will move 12 times in their lives, meaning most reoccurring movers are already familiar with the process of budgeting, calling and planning. Data provided by the American Moving and Storage Association has shown the average intrastate move will total $1,170 on 7,100 pounds. A move between states, however, can see this reaching $5,000.

What Should I Be Careful Of?

A little planning goes a long way. When you have a new residence to establish and belongings to transport, it helps to keep everything on a list so nothing slips under your nose. Should there be a delay with some of your items (for those who have more than one moving truck), make sure you take any and all necessities with you personally so you’re not in the dark by the time you arrive at your new house or apartment. Try to leave a little earlier in case of delays and, of course, hire moving truck rental companies so you’re not doing it all on your own.

Should I Contact Moving Labor Professionals?

The average American will move once every five years. Wherever life is taking you, moving truck rental companies will make sure you get there with your sanity intact. These establishments are devoted to making sure all of your belongings are safely and carefully transported, allowing you to focus on planning, traveling and taking care of your family. New York was found to be the most moved from state back in 2015 and the majority of college graduates have moved to a new community at least once during their educational career. How are you going to make your move a successful one?

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