Stressing Out Planning Your Next Party? Keep It Together With Party Tent Rental Accessories

Throwing a party is a lot harder than it looks. That’s the point, isn’t it?

You don’t want people feeling guilty about all the effort you put into scheduling and decorating. You want to dazzle them with a display that’ll be talked about for months! While this is all well and good for motivational purposes, it still helps to make your job easier. The party tent, and various party accessories in general, are useful tools that can make the whole process as smooth as butter. You have enough on your plate already without adding hours of browsing online shops to the pile.

Become an expert in the art of event rentals by looking at the list below. You’ll be glad you did.

Bar Mitzvah

Throwing a Bar Mitzvah and need some help? Just look into Mitzvah rentals. Bar Mitzvah celebrations have become more elaborate and expensive than ever before, with industry estimates judging the average Bar Mitzvah budget to run at $15,000. When you have a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, it’s natural to want to go all out. The party tent is one of the most popular accessories you’ll come across, giving you both a little shade from the sun while filling up a large space like a backyard.


It’s not just Bar Mitzvahs that benefit from large tents. Weddings are fast becoming outdoor affairs, meaning you’ll need a little extra cover from the elements when setting up shop. Nautical-inspired sailcloth tents are one gorgeous accessory, simulating the ebb and flow of the ocean as easily as one-two-three. A recent survey found sailcloth tents to be one of the most popular choices for brides in the United States, right alongside other accessories like clothespins and LED decorations.

Birthday Parties

Do you want to really put forth some extra effort for that special someone? Make sure your birthday party comes with a dance floor rental. People want to let loose and kick their feet at a party, so encouraging that behavior with some clever rentals will make for a smash hit. Your average sweet sixteen can go from extremely formal to extremely casual, though industry estimates have seen some parties hitting as high as $25,000. Fun tent accessories paired with a dance rental will make for one event nobody will soon forget.

Baby Shower

Not unlike a birthday party or a wedding, a baby shower event needs to be both exciting and deeply meaningful. Everything will be symbolic, from the color of the party tent to the types of rental linens you choose. LED furniture is one way to make your decorations truly stand out. You can illuminate a peaceful evening in the garden or terrace. You can also supplement a barbecue by adding glowing lights near the pool. However you want to go about your baby shower, make sure to give it that little special touch.

Tips For Choosing Party Accessories

The best thing about party accessories are just how easy they make the whole process. You can find everything you need (and then some!) just by dropping by a party rental store and asking a few questions. Rental linens are very high-quality and come in the form of table cloths, table runners, and napkins. Your party tent can also be paired alongside these to create a more ‘whole’ and polished appearance. Next time you’re starting to feel the weight of all your responsibilities getting you down, keep in mind there are people ready and waiting to help.

Ready to put the finishing touches on your magnum opus? There’s a party tent and a dance floor for that!

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