Siding Replacement Tutorial

During construction, much deliberation goes into choosing what material should be used for the siding of a house. After this house has been lived in for a while, it becomes necessary to replace the old siding and give the home a breath of fresh air. As you navigate this stage of home improvement and repair, let Tom Silva guide you through the process of vinyl siding replacement on the Ask This Old House segment.

When you understand the way vinyl siding is designed, it helps your siding replacement process move smoothly.

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Weathering and other forces can damage the siding. When it does so, the process of siding replacement begins with removing these damaged portions. This tutorial follows every step of replacement, beginning with this removal. After this step, you will receive an explanation that can guide how you install the new vinyl siding. With the consideration of seasonal changes, your siding replacement can anticipate the changes that come with warmer or colder weather, saving you the trouble of premature damage.

Your house repairs can be simple. Watch this comprehensive tutorial and your siding replacement will enhance the beauty and durability of your beloved home.

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