Sewage is The Last Thing You Want to Think About

Sewage is likely the last thing you want to think about. However, when all you can smell are rotten eggs and worse, it may be all you can think about. It will interrupt any plans that your family may have had with an absolute stench of a smell. Your best bet is to call a sewer repair company immediately. However, you may also decide to take a look at the piping yourself.

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In this video, you will learn about some mistakes to avoid with your plumbing.

The problem may not be as serious as you first thought. A common mistake people make with their plumbing is to leave vertically facing pipes uncapped. This may seem fine at first. However, it will be apparent over time. Sewer smells can back up through the piping and exit through any uncovered openings. Therefore, the solution may be as simple as putting a cover on an exposed pipe opening. If you don’t have a covering on hand, consider using a plastic bag and tying it around the opening. You may even have to tie a few around. This will serve as a temporary fix until you can get a proper cap.


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