Linear Led Lighting Installation

With any home improvement task comes tricks and tools that when understood make the job simpler for any homeowner to handle. With linear LED lighting, understanding these tricks can help you go from the basic college door room taped to the walls kind of look, to a home renovation all-star look.

Starting with the supplies, for linear LED lighting you will want strips of lights (the amount will vary depending on the size of the job you are hoping to accomplish), low voltage wire, a recessed track and lens, and a power supply. These should all be available at your local home improvement store.

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You will want to start by measuring out the area you wish to attach the lights to. Then, starting from the wall. measure the structure you plan on laying the recessed track and lens into. It is important to remember that it remains the same distance from the wall at every point, so be sure to use a rule to confirm the distance and a level guarantee the line is straight. From here, find a section of the wall where you can hide the power source, but leave it accessible for when you attach the lights.

For additional information about linear LED lighting, please review the attached video.


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