How to Make Your First Big Move Like an Adult

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Is there anyone who actually enjoys moving? The average American will move homes about 12 times over the course of their life. Hopefully their technique improves with each move, but if you are still struggling with the finer details of moving house, don’t worry. Here are a few tips to help your next move.

When Moving House, It Pays to Have a Plan.

Ideally, you would have plenty of time to sit down, make a list, and plan out how you’ll move all of your family’s stuff. Then, everything would magically follow that list with no hiccups whatsoever. Life is never that easy. So here is how you make a plan, and then there’s how you respond to setbacks.

Packing: Have We Always Had This Much Stuff?

The easy part of moving is the paperwork. The difficult part is packing. Some people might want to go the extra mile and declutter before they begin to pack up. If you have the time, this can be a worthy endeavor. You won’t be moving items to your new home that you really don’t want. For those movers who choose this route, just know that you are making more work for yourself.

To minimize stress, here is one technique that might help. First, go through each room one at a time slowly and methodically. As you’re doing this, keep a sturdy box and a bag nearby. The box is for items you want to donate, and the bag is for items you’ll want to put in the trash. This allows you to continue to make progress towards having the whole house packed up, while still allowing you to cut down on the items you’re packing up.

Getting There: How to Choose a Moving Company.

Don’t neglect this step. All to often, residential movers pick a moving company at the last minute and end up with sub-par moving services. You might think that it makes little difference who is doing the heavy lifting but it does matter. Consider this: you have a few fine pieces of furniture, such as an upright piano or a glass china hutch. These are items that need to be lifted and moved carefully which will require strength, patience, and experience.

Don’t get caught choosing a moving company that lacks the experience to move your personal belongings. Ask friends and family for recommendations. Look at reviews online. Call prospective candidates for a quote and make professionalism and knowledge your standard. It is better to begin this step early instead of waiting, so don’t be afraid to begin a correspondence with multiple moving company candidates before making a final choice.

The Convenience Loophole: Know What Your Day to Day Essentials Are.

Mistakes and mixups are a part of life. But when you’re in the process of moving, a mixup can make things very uncomfortable. When you first sit down to make a moving plan, remember to make a small list of essentials. An essential would be toiletries that are used everyday; important wardrobe pieces such as a belt or socks; and basic sundries such as bread, milk, and coffee.

The point of this step is to be prepared. If the moving company does not show up at the new place at the right time, you’ll be able to make things work for at least a day or two. Or, if you know that unpacking will happen gradually instead of all at once, you’ll have the necessary items to live comfortably day-to-day at hand without needing to rip open boxes.

You’ll need to let businesses know where you are. Give notice to the following:

    -The bank
    -The Post Office
    -The cable/ internet company
    -The phone company
    -The IRS

Moving is stressful, but with a little planning you can make it less so for you and your family. First, have a detailed plan. Then pack efficiently, without worrying too much about decreasing clutter as it will only distract you. Find a reputable moving company earlier, instead of later. Remember to pack a separate bag of essential items that can tide you over for a few days if need be. Finally, don’t forget to let everyone know that you’ve moved house. After all, you worked hard for it.

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