How Much Do you Know About your Linens?

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What is the thread count of your sheets? Are your current sheets and bedding items made out of organic threads? Are you the type of person that puts any effort into your bedding material purchases or do you simply purchase whatever is on sale? The quality of your bedding matters. It is important in promoting a good night, as well as a healthy night of sleep.

Higher thread count is usually more comfortable
Most bedding companies advertise or list their thread count, somewhere on the package. Many shoppers ignore this information, simply because they do not know what thread count means. Is a higher or lower thread count better? If you are looking for durable linen that is also comfortable, any percale from thread count 200 to 800 is recommended. The higher the thread count is, the softer the material will feel. However, you will want to choose a thread count that meets your comfort preferences.

Organic bed sheets are great for sensitivities
Many people might not even realize that their bedding is contributed to their sleep problems with an increase in allergies. If you are a person that suffers from allergies, you might find that organic bed sheets help to decrease these symptoms. Approximately 85% of people rated a comfortable feel of sheets and bedding as important to a good sleep in a recent National Sleep Foundation?s Bedroom Poll. However, it is important to remember that sensitivities could also be affecting your sleep quality.

You don?t need a new mattress
Mattress commercials and local furniture stores will convince you that you need a new mattress to get a better night of sleep. Then, once you are thousands of dollars in debt and sleeping on your brand new mattress, you find that you still struggle to get and stay asleep. Although your mattress could be contributing to your sleep quality problem, it is generally not the only problem. The sheets and types of bedding that you put on top of the mattress are likely to affect your sleep quality much more. Fortunately, you can get organic bed sheets in many different sizes including organic twin bedding and even organic king sheets.

The scent of your bedding is important
Do you notice that you tend to get a better night of sleep at a hotel? Hotels not only provide you with the highest quality of bedding, but they also wash and dry their linens in relaxing scents. These scents promote both relaxation and a good night of sleep. Take note of the current scent of your linens. How does the scent make you feel? Does it make you cringe your nose? Does it not smell like anything? Consider changing your dryer sheet smell or going with organic sheets that are naturally scented. Organic bed sheets do not have to be empty of any smell.

Organic linens are also better for the environment
In addition to promoting a good night of sleep and reducing sensitivities throughout the night, your organic bed sheets are also better for the environment. Finding environmentally friendly alternatives is important to many people. In fact, an international study by Unilever found that one third of consumers are now buying brands based on their social and environmental impact. You can rest easy knowing that even scented organic bed sheets are much better for the environment.

Do you know anything about the linens on your bed? If your answer is no, this could be preventing you from getting a good night of sleep. Bedding that is made out of organic materials, has a higher thread count, and is naturally scented tends to provide sleepers with a higher quality of sleep. These are some of the same techniques that upscale hotels implement and most guests find that they sleep better when in a guest room.

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