How Choosing Linen Bed Sheets Can Change Your Life

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There are certain things in life that bring to mind an old world quality. It’s the matter of quality versus quantity, of stepping back in time and overseas to a simpler time. Obviously, few of can afford to pop over to France whenever we wish! But there are things that you can do to add a few perks here and there to your life. Would you believe that your daily comfort can be improved simply by changing the kinds of sheets on which you sleep? It’s pretty amazing what buying linen sheet sets or organic sheets can do for your personal comfort.

Linen Sheet Sets: The Simple Advantages

There are many obvious reasons why people would prefer linen sheet sets to cotton or polyblend sheets. For one thing, they feel better — they’re simply more luxurious, yet without the ridiculous price tags that can come with certain other types of sheets. Linen sheet sets also lend themselves to a higher level of cleanliness. Nobody likes waking up to sweaty sheets. Some studies have indicated that people who wear linen clothes perspire 1.5 times less than those who wear cotton clothes; and twice less than those who wear viscose clothing. At the same time, linen keeps warmth in when you want it to — that is, in cold weather. Linen bed sheets also tend to be bacteria-resistant and hypoallergenic. That means that they’re ideal for everyone, not just people lucky enough to lack allergies. The fabric breathes, and can absorb up to 20% of its own weight in moisture before beginning to feel wet. The fabric is anti-static, and tends to keep the skin feeling fresh thanks to a natural pH balance. Linen repels dirt, and has the added benefit of lasting longer than cotton sheets. As such, while the initial investment in linen may be higher than that in cotton, it will ultimately pay off due the long-lasting nature of the fabric. Furthermore, linen sheets tend give a better impression to guests, and simply improve your rest. They’re simple — but at the same time, finer. Sleep is about relaxing; so why not relax in the most comfortable way possible on linen sheets? Of course, if you do prefer cotton — or for some reason can’t use linen sheets — there are cotton options that are both more environmentally-friendly and more comfortable than those you could pick up just “anywhere”.

The Benefits Of Organic Sheets

As many benefits as there are to linen, it’s not for everyone. Some people simply prefer cotton, it’s understandable why. However, if you’re going to choose cotton sheets, you may prefer organic cotton for a number of reasons. For one thing, cotton sheets that are organically made tend to feel better than those that are often blended with other materials. Organic cotton sheets also tend to have health benefits. The chemicals used to maintain the look of non-organic sheets — cotton or otherwise — are numerous and potentially dangerous. The fact is that often, when you don’t buy linen or organic sheets, you don’t really know what you’re sleeping on. Some are simply skin irritants, which is annoying enough in the first place. Others are actually carcinogenic, linked to the growth of certain cancers. Certain chemicals are actually pesticides, which as endocrine disruptors alter the body’s hormone balance. Some scientists have linked these chemicals with obesity, infertility, brain disorders, and cancer. Choosing organic sheets means protecting your health more effectively. These toxins are also harmful to the environment, and by removing them from your household you lessen your carbon footprint. Treating your body better also means treating the environment better — and there are no drawbacks to that.

Whether you choose linen sheets or organic cotton sheets, you’re doing yourself a favor. The benefits are numerous, and the disadvantages few to none. Why not take this step — not only for yourself, but the world at large?

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