Hire an Experienced Maid Service to Take Care of Your Home

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Are you looking for a dependable maid service? Perhaps you’re too busy to clean your house or apartment as thoroughly as you would like. Or maybe you’re moving into a new home, and it would be so much more convenient to have an experienced maid cleaning service take care of those chores while you focus on moving.

When was the last time you engaged in spring cleaning? This can often seem overwhelming with all of your other day-to-day activities and obligations. Just imaging having all your spring cleaning taken care of for you.

When you hire cleaning services, you will also have more time to spend with your family. In fact, by hiring a cleaning service, you can have around 30 more days a year to do something other than clean together. While you may create a fun atmosphere when you have family cleaning days, there are probably other activities that you and your family would prefer.

When thinking about all the benefits of hiring a maid service, you might be interested to know how other Americans think. Many women, for example, believe that when their home is clean, it reflects positively on them. Approximately 87% of women feel this is true.

Having a clean carpet makes a difference to 84% of Americans. They believe that clean carpets equal a clean home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), however, only 55% of American homeowners actually give their carpets a regular deep cleaning. The EPA recommends that carpets should be deep cleaned every six months or even more often.

How often do you change your sheets? A recent survey found that on average, people will change their sheets every two weeks. When you hire cleaning services, they could do this more often for you. Going to bed in clean fresh sheets has also been shown to help people sleep better, too.

When was the last time you gave your refrigerator a good scrub? Washed down your counters and other kitchen surfaces? A cleaning service could take care of this for you. Depending on how many people are in-and-out of the refrigerator on a daily basis, it should be scrubbed down every two-to-three weeks or more often.

Even though cleaning services will have their own sponges and cleaning supplies, you’ll still want to keep clean sponges on hand and replace them often.

You may also be interested in cleaning services that use non-toxic green cleaning products. The sale of these types of products has recently increased 35% because they are safer for people as well as the environment.

The usual chemical cleaning products have been shown to contain over 150 toxic substances. These toxins can remain in your home and have been linked to cancer.

Since having a clean house is important to you, you can be assured that your house will be as clean as possible by hiring a professional maid service.

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