Get Prepared for Spring and Summer Entertaining with Nautical Themed Decor

Armillary globe

Some American don’t spend that much time at home. In fact, a recent survey showed that 36% only spend 5 to 8 of their waking hours at home, While the reasons for this will vary from person-to-person, they likely include attending school, going to work, and being engaged in other activities outside the home.

Approximately 26% Americans, however, spend 9 to 12 waking hours at home. While these individuals may work from a home office or be retired, others may be home-makers caring for young children.

Whether they spend a minimal or an extensive amount of time at home, were you aware that just 1 out of 5 Americans are happy with their decor? It’s interesting to note that 14% of the survey participants actually said they feel gloomy when they look at their home furnishings.

If your home’s interior design, or lack thereof, causes you to feel gloomy, why not lighten up your house and your mood with new decor? If you like to have guests over, adding pirate decor to your entertainment room or back deck can definitely add a layer of fun. You could also get a real-life talking parrot as a pet. Just imagine how nice it will be to interact with them!

Do you live by the coast? If so, you’re 1 of over 123 million people that have lived along the shore since 2010. Since coastal culture appeals to you, chances are that you also love all things nautical.

If you’re planning to update your home’s decor, have you considered mounting a nautical wheel on the kitchen wall to serve as a focal point? To continue this theme, you can hang another another nautical wheel on your deck or in your patio.

Do you like to collect clocks? Have you added a nautical clock to your collection yet?

If you’re looking for other types of nautical home decorations, a life preserver can also make a fun focal point. Once you hang some netting and glass buoys, this can really spruce up a room or outdoor living space.

Once you’ve updated your home’s decor, chances are that you will feel more upbeat, too. Now that the weather is becoming warmer, you may just decide to hold regular get-togethers with family and friends. You may just inspire them to update their home decor when they see what you’ve accomplished in your house.

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