From Your Closet to a Clothing Donations Store How You Can Make a Big Difference

Red cross clothing pick up

One new trend that younger people are turning towards is “thrifting.” It used to be uncool to get your clothes secondhand, but these days, secondhand stores, thrift stores, and “gently used” clothing stores abound. Not only do people who donate do a good turn by giving their lightly used clothing to people in need, they also help create an eclectic mix of clothing to choose from at lower prices. In some cases, donated clothing may still have the tags from the original store! However, another alternative is to also consider making Red Cross clothing donations, to make sure that your donations are going straight to those who really need them. The American National Red Cross is the thirteenth largest charity in the United States, per private donations; it received almost $700 million in 2014 from private donations. The services it provides are immense — 24/7 care for families and communities in the form of food, shelter, blankets, and blood. The clothes you no longer wear or need could provide relief to some other individual or family who needs them desperately.
Why Should I Make a Clothing Donation Instead of a Financial Donation?
Both money and items are needed by charity organizations, but used clothing donations can often be put to a more versatile use. Clothes donations can be sold at a charity organization’s store for money that funds programs or provides food, or the clothes can be given directly to those in need. When you donate clothes, there is a good chance you are giving someone a second chance or a fresh start. A child can start the school year with new clothes that fit, a man or a woman can go into a job interview with a new dress or suit, and feel like they look the part. More expensive items, such as winter coats and boots help keep people warm and often healthy. By making Red Cross clothing donations, you may also feel like you have a more direct impact — it can be tough to pinpoint exactly what your money goes to in a financial donation, but at least you know the clothes you donated are being used by someone.
Are There Other Good Reasons to Donate Clothes?
If you donate clothes, say in Red Cross clothing donations, those clothes aren’t simply thrown out when their use is done. A shocking amount of clothing ends up landfills, and most of it could be salvaged or re-worn. People simply get sick of wearing something and throw it out — it’s a terrible, wasteful habit, when so much else could be done with it. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that per American, we throw out 10 pounds of clothing every year. Considering that we consume almost 20 billion garments annually, that’s unsurprising. If you parse it out per week, that would mean that each person buys 68 garments and 7 pairs of shoes — over one piece of clothing gets purchased every week. However, with charitable donations, you can save those clothes from rotting in the landfill! In 2006, secondhand clothes were repurposed and saved 3 million pounds from the landfill!
Additionally, it’s a good excuse to cut down on the amount of items you have in your own closet. Minimalism is trending after all and often people find that having less is more. Research also proves that philanthropy has a positive mental and often emotional effect on people!
Do some good the next time you’re sifting through your closet, and consider making Red Cross clothing donations, or other types of clothing donations. Most charitable organizations will have an easy to find clothing drop off location and in some cases can even arrange for a clothing donation pickup. With such a simple gesture, you can change people’s lives in a positive fashion and give everyone the dignity they deserve. Additionally, donating has some benefit to yourself as well, financially, emotionally, and spatially. Plus, the next time you go thrifting, you can smile to yourself, knowing that you helped contribute to the array of secondhand clothing available.

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