Four Reasons You Should Have Whole Home Water Filtration

We use water for everything, and having clean water is one of the most important foundations of life. Many of us, though, are living without the clean water we need. Here’s why whole house filtration could make all the difference to your house and your life.

Whole House Filtration Means Clean Drinking Water is Available From Every Tap

If you’re worried about the water you’re drinking you might already have water treatment for the drinking water. Likely, though, that’s only happening in the kitchen. Having crystal clear, clean drinking water coming from every tap makes it easier to help everyone drink as much as they need. Chronic dehydration has been called the nations “hidden epidemic,” with about 75% of going through our day in that state. Dehydration, even mild dehydration, can make us tired and less able to think clearly, impairing some aspects of brain function. In a recent study on headaches, every participant exerienced complete relief from their headaches within 30 minutes of having drunk an average of two cups of water. Water makes up 2/3 of our body and is directly involved in every process of our body.

Whole House Filtration Means All The Water Gets Treated With Water Softener

Hard water is an issue for 85% of homes in the United States. Hardness gets measured according to how many grains of calcium carbonate are present per gallon of water. Gas water heaters are badly affected by hardness, with every five grains causing the heater to become 8% less efficient. That also translates to an 8% increase in cost for every 100 gallons a day that your family uses. Even places that aren’t considered very hard or extremely hard zones will see some effect from the water on appliances and clothes even at seven grains of hardness.

Whole House Filtration Means Cleaner Dishes and Clothes

With the chlorine removal that comes with whole house filtration, the dishwasher has a much easier time removing soap scum from your dishes, and handwashing means less chlorine vapor in the air. As for your clothes, the chlorine and other chemicals in city water shortens their life. Removing all that means they’ll last longer, feel softer, and retain their color longer, too.

Whole House Filtration Means Better Skin and Hair

There are a lot of chemicals in the water flowing out of your pipes, as well as rust and sediment. The chemicals are there to protect us, and no one wants to live in a place where swallowing some of the tap water while brushing your teeth can result in severe illness or parasites. Yet those chemicals come with a cost, and your skin is porous enough to absorb many of them, particularly when they’re heated and vaporized as they are in the shower. In fact, showering or bathing gets them into your body at a higher rate than drinking them does! Not long after you start showering with filtered water you’ll notice healthier skin and hair.

Your water affects everything. It affects your health as you drink it and cook with it, wash in it and wash with it. It affects the life of your clothes and the efficiency of your appliances. Why not make sure your water is doing you nothing but good?
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