Follow along With Patio Paver Installations

Laying concrete pavers is one of the easiest ways to install patio flooring for your backyard. You could use concrete slabs, bricks, or even just stone but patio paver installations have their benefits as This Old House explains in their video, “How to Install Concrete Pavers | Ask This Old House.” For starters, they are cost-effective and their simplicity enables you to do all the concrete paving work by yourself.

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Within a few days, you will have a masterpiece patio that you can use for various purposes such as outdoor entertainment or just to enjoy comfort in your backyard.

Before you can begin to install a concrete paver, you first have to buy pavers and have them delivered to your location. Concrete pavers come in a variety of colors and materials and some even give the illusion that they are made of natural stone or bricks. You should purchase pavers that are 18-inch by 18-inch since they are a lot easier to handle. You should start off by laying a base before installing your concrete pavers, preferably crushed rocks. The sharp edges from the gravel will help the material to be compacted well. Despite it being easy, laying concrete pavers might be hard depending on the complexity of your project and could require you to hire a contractor to do the task for you.

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