Feeling Bored With Your Space? Think About Redecorating!

Decor is a very personal kind of expression and everything — from your chairs or bookshelves to your lighting and appliances — speaks to your style and personality. Your main home may be outfitted for comfort or entertaining. But if you’re looking to decorate your second home — for example, your ski mountain resort home — you’re likely looking for a much different feeling. Cabin rustic furniture, lodge style furnishings, and more “countrified” furniture and decor are likely what you’re in the market for. Luckily for you, wood furniture has a longer life span (comparatively), of over 15 years, so if you invest in good quality pieces, like bedside tables or patio furniture, you should have them for awhile. Let’s talk about why redecorating is good, what you should keep in mind when undertaking a redecoration project, and where you can find the rustic furniture you’re looking for.

Why Should I Redecorate?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, boomers are the ones most likely to spend the most on redecorating with budgets around $3,000 (unsurprising because they’re older and likely have a higher income than younger generations). Generation X has the next highest redecoration budget of $2,500, and millennials spend around $1,500.

Redecorating can help freshen up a space and make it more likely to be used. You can derive aesthetic pleasure from a newly updated space and it reflects your current tastes and personality better. If your ski mountain resort was more modern before, but you’re embracing the rustic feel, cabin rustic furniture with comfortable, colorful throws and reclaimed wood can create the kind of feeling you’re going for.

And, of course, keeping your home updated means that if you ever want to sell, it’ll be more attractive in the market!

What Do I Need to Know About Starting a Redecorating Project?
It’s not a bad idea to get a professional interior designer in to scope out what you currently have and look over your plans for what you want. They might be able to offer expert tips for increase space, better storage, and pulling together the aesthetic you want, while staying within your budget. And, they may have connections with local tradesmen who can come in and help with any wiring, plumbing, painting, or other tasks that need to be done.

Lighting, texture, and colors all play a role in the way rooms of a home come together. Whether you’re shooting for cabin rustic furniture and trying to use only reclaimed barnwood or want counter height stools and hickory chandeliers, those three aspects are important to keep in mind.

Make sure you measure before you start (and have a budget in mind!). Even if you want things to look lovely, remember that they should also have a function (especially if you’re working with a smaller space). Take stock of your needs and what your lifestyle is like. If you’re not there that often, for example, you likely don’t need some of the appliances or gadgets you have in your first home.

Where Can I Find the Type of Furniture I Want?
Unless you’re getting custom made furniture, a furniture store (or browsing online) is a great place to start. If you’ve hired an interior designer, he or she may also have tips or favorite designers to point you towards, which can be useful if you’re not sure where to start.

Check local furniture makers too! Cabin rustic furniture, for example, or log furniture might be available locally if your home is in a more rural area. Not only may you be able to score a custom piece, but you’ll also be supporting local business and artisans at the same time. That’s a win-win!

Scouring yard sales, antique sales, and antique sales is also a good bet if you’re looking for older or more unique pieces (and have time to spare).

If you haven’t updated your home in awhile, it might be time to start thinking about a makeover. Even a fresh coat of paint and some new accessories can make a big difference, if you don’t have the time or energy to do a massive-scale rehaul of your home.

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