Different Types of Gutters

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There are multiple types of gutters that present homeowners with different benefits. The choice you make is dependent on your lifestyle, budget, and what you want your home to look like. This video will go through a few different types, from copper gutters to galvanize steel.

Make sure you are working with a pro when looking for gutters. If you buy the cheapest option from your local hardware store, you will likely be looking at repairs and replacements much sooner than you would like. Invest in high-quality gutters to prevent water damage to your roof and foundation.

Aluminum K-style gutters are the most common. The “K” comes from the rigid shape of the gutter. They’re cost-effective and durable. They’re also easy to install. They also fit in well with any home and can be colored to your desire.

There are also half-round gutters. They’re usually seen on older homes, and copper pairs well with more traditional houses. Copper also holds up better than aluminum gutters, though it is a particular look that you may not want for your home.

I bet you didn’t think there were so many differences in gutters! For more information on the different styles of gutters, check out the video in the link above.

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