Desinging and Building a Luxyury Home in Tampa Bay

Everyone needs somewhere to live, and if a person is not renting their living space, then they will either buy a home or have one built for them. Building a home such as a luxury home is an attractive option for many Americans who can afford it, and a luxury home can totally reinvent someone’s life. Modern elements of home design and features can be added to a luxury home in this manner, and luxury homes are popular to build in Florida as one example. New home construction in Tampa Bay, Florida, may be a statement of status and luxury that many higher-end buyers would enjoy. A home is a complex and expensive item, however, and care should be taken so that a new luxury home is not only attractive but also structurally sound and money-efficient to maintain. What is there to know about luxury homes or other high-end homes in the United States today? What factors should go into their design and construction?

American Luxury Homes Today

The American housing market is enormous, and where luxury and other high-end homes are concerned, plenty of statistics are being kept. Today, it has been determined that the average luxury threshold price on homes is $975,000 or so, and the median selling price for a luxury home is $1,436,594. Meanwhile, according to data available from Christie’s International Real Estate report, most luxury homes in the United States are sold within 220 days of their first listing. Not all Americans can afford homes like this, but some certainly can, and they are looking for a great place to live. It is estimated that around 8% of home buyers have household incomes standing at $200,000 or more, and these households may show an interest in a new luxury home.

There are other statistics tracking American home purchases and construction, and Florida stands as one of the mos popular states for building or finding a new house. For building homes, Florida is a rich environment for customers; that state has the greatest number of interior design firms in the nation, with roughly 1,536 different businesses to be found. Meanwhile, the U.S. Census Bureau, as well as the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, have found that around 1,319,000 new homes had been completed as of February 2018. What does this mean for someone looking to design and build their dream luxury home?

Design High End Housing

Wealthier households have the option to design a brand new home, and hire home builders to construct it on a purchased plot of land. This means consulting experts in such fields, such as architects, foundation builders, utility crews, and of course, getting clearance from state or city officials. Regulations for zoning, fire safety, and more exist to make sure that no property is a serious hazard to human life or nearby properties, so city officials will inspect such homes and their blueprints ahead of time.

Someone having a luxury home built may start by sharing basic details with the designer crews and architects. This may include the number of rooms, the particular rooms being added, the number of floors, and the square footage. The home builder may want three primary bedrooms and two guest bedrooms, for example, or they may want an entertainment center room or a home gym with wooden floors. A custom house may have various arrangements of where the rooms are and which floors they are on, and other features may be added in or around these rooms as well. For aesthetics and fun, the homeowner may opt to have a fireplace, or several, added. The homeowner may want a traditional brick and mortar fireplace added, but given their weight, such setups should probably go on the ground floor. Or, the homeowner may have a lighter, pre-fabricated fireplace, or several, installed.

The homeowner may also decide whether to have a shingle roof or a metal roof put in place, and the homeowner may also want wooden decks or a patio on the property. Modern homes may also include efficient and modern features such as low-flow plumbing to save on water, and a powerful but energy-efficient heating and cooling system. This can save on utilities in the long run.

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