Building or Buying a Home

Acquiring a home to call one’s own is a major step in anyone’s life, and it is something that many young adults look forward to. South Tampa in Florida is one particularly popular place to buy homes in the United States; in the entire state, 7.42 million homes and apartments are available, and 1,200 miles of sand beaches can be found in Florida. There, a person can either buy a new home or a used one, or buy a home recently made by new home builders.

Buying New Homes

Many people, including young adults in their 20s or early 30s, are interested in buying homes. First time home buyers, in the year 2017, bought 2.07 million homes, which represents a 7% increase from 2016, and the Internet is a common way to find new homes or houses for sale at a good price. Some 92% of people will use the Internet for this search, and among those online buyers, 87% of them found photos of the homes they browsed, and 84% had access to detailed information about the properties for sale, and made good use of all that info.

A house is a complicated thing, and there are too many factors to list here. Some broader details to look for are universal, however, in the case of a used home. The house should be in good repair, as in the heating and air conditioning system runs well and is not clogged, the roof should not leak, there should be sufficient insulation in the walls, the doors and windows should not allow drafts, there should be no termite or carpenter ant damage, and the electrical system should be in good working order. The outside is important too; a fence can be desirable, especially if the prospective buyers have dogs or want privacy, and landscaping such as trees, an outdoor pool or patio, or gardens can make a home even more attractive. A home’s previous owner will know this, and may go certain lengths to make a property more attractive before putting it on the market. More personal details such as the number of bedrooms, the size of the kitchen, an attic, and enough rooms for purposes like a home office or workout gym may be based on the particular family looking for a home, and apply both to used and new homes. New homes will probably not have maintenance issues, but the number and size of rooms, and other amenities, can make a house desirable or not.

New Home Builders
Another route for those who can afford it is to simply have one built, and new home builders are out there for such customers. New construction will ensure that a home is in good condition and is made just the way the client wants it. According to Peak Construction, there are two broad ways to go about new home construction: spec home builders, and tract home builders.

Spec home builders are new home builders who can construct a home on a tract of land that they bought, and while they are in charge of the home’s size and floor plan, interested buyers can have input on the home’s finer details as it is constructed. Spec builders are speculating on the value of a piece of land and the home built on it, and hope to turn a profit after buying the land, building the house, and selling the whole package to someone looking for homes for sale.

In the case of tract homes, new home builders will buy a large piece of land and construct several copies of the same type of home or condo on it, and the quality of these homes may be a little lower than spec builder homes. These homes are usually not good short-term investments for buyers, especially since they do not sell well. Such homes on the market have a lot of competition, since such homes are numerous, and identical. Due to this, the prices of the homes is the main, and sometimes only selling point for buyers. Those looking for a new home can save money by moving into a tract home, but they should be prepared for difficulty selling it should they ever want to.

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