Are You in the Process of Selecting a School for Your Child?

Although there are seniors in high school who are counting down the days until they graduate, this is exactly the time of the year when many parents of much younger children are just getting started with the formal educational system. And even though these parents may have attended public schools themselves, there are a growing number of families who are looking at private school options. In fact, from the top rated private schools for three and four year olds to elite private high schools for seniors planning to attend college, there are many families who are willing to pay to make sure their children get the best start.

From performing arts schools in large cities to parochial schools in small communities, there are many kinds of private schools in America. In spite of the variety, however, there are relatively few private schools in comparison to the number of public schools. In fact, only 25% of all U.S. schools are private. This means, of course, that three of every schools in the country is a public school. Although there are many advantages of attending private schools, it is important to realize that it is often worth your time to thoroughly investigate all of the options that are available to you.
In some parts of the country, for instance, the public schools are thriving. In other parts, unfortunately, the public schools are struggling, partly as a result of not enough funding and low teacher salaries that do not attract the best candidates. And while there is a pretty widespread believe that throwing money at schools is no a solution, there are plenty of districts that do indeed suffer because they simply do not have the funds they need.

In these areas, there is an especially good case for finding a private school alternative. Talking to friends about what they think are the best private schools around can help, but in almost all cases it is important to make your own visits as well. Understanding your child and what kind of learner he or she is allows you to evaluate a learning situation and see if it is the best fit.

In a time when a college degree is increasingly important there are many people who are willing to pay for private schools because statistics show that Roughly 95% of non-parochial private high school graduates go on to four-year postsecondary institutions. This percentage compares with 49% of public school graduates. Because the cost of college can be so expensive, however, it is increasingly important for families to have a good handle on their budgets and balance the early costs of a private school. For some families, of course, it can be worth the cost of top rated private schools at the high school level if it increases the chances for lucrative scholarship for college.
Whether your family wants to consider the top rated private schools at the preschool level or not until college or not at all, it is important to make sure that you visit any school you are considering so that you get a personal view of the options that you are considering.

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