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Best Family Games is your site for games to play with your children, including the most compelling and cheap kids’ games, suggestions for family fun at home, board game reviews, interesting articles, and more! Scott Felina, your 3rd Degree Blog Champion, has been playing games with his family since he was a fetus. Now he has a family of his own, and he’s been teaching his own former-fetuses important life lessons through the medium of gaming. Board games can be great teaching tools. They provide intrinsic motivation for a child to put forth the effort to learn skills he or she would normally abhor. Many games require a great deal of reading, arithmetic, statistics, and more! Themed games can provide background in history, science or any number of other domains. Don’t forget that board games provide great social interaction! Children playing board games have to learn how to predict others’ actions and plan long-term strategies to counter them. You don’t get that kind of social experience everywhere! So sidle up to Scott’s gaming table and we’ll roll those dice with purpose and true skill.