A Look At The Flower Industry In The United States

From anniversary flowers to floral arrangements for your wedding, the use of flowers is hugely widespread in the United States as well as in many places beyond it. There are many types of flowers that can be used in a floral arrangement, such as daisies or roses, and each flower can signify a different important meeting. For instance, people often give roses as anniversary flowers, though any types of anniversary flowers are special and can say a lot about love. But suffice it to say this: people in the United States love flowers, from gardening them to receiving floral arrangements such as anniversary flowers. This is backed up by the data, which shows that the total spending in the flower industry of the United States ends up totaling more than twenty billion dollars in the span of time of just one single year.

There are many occasions in which it is normal and common to celebrate with flowers. Mother’s day is one such occasion, and more than sixty five percent of all people currently living in the United States will buy their mom some type of floral arrangement, and many mothers will even get flowers from multiple people over the course of mother’s day celebrations. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, the common florist is more busy during the winter holiday season right around Christmas as well as Hannukakah. These two holidays and the season surrounding them represent the most popular time to buy flowers in the entirety of the United States, with a whopping thirty percent of all adults choosing to purchase a floral arrangement or even a plant as a gift for someone special in their lives who they wish to celebrate in the time of good tidings and cheer. Of course, Valentine’s Day is another common holiday on which flowers are received more often than they are not. It represents as much as one whole third of the total business that florists do throughout the entirety of the calendar year. And just because you might not have a special someone in your life does not mean that you can’t have the joy of getting flowers. In fact, as much as fifteen percent of all women in the United States will actually send themselves flowers to celebrate the holiday of Valentine’s Day. Anniversary flowers are also commonly bought, and anniversary flowers can be gifted from men and from women alike through a local florist as a simple but poignant way to say “I love you.”

Finally, flowers are often utilized for weddings and in fact even frequently make up a key part of wedding decorations and festivities. The flower girl, for example, plays an important role in the vast majority of weddings that are held in the United States, with as many as six out of every ten weddings (sixty percent of all of them) including at least one flower girl in the wedding procession, scattering flower petals (real or fake) on the aisle in preparation for the bride to walk down it. Flowers and floral arrangements are so important to the typical wedding, in fact, that they often make up nearly ten percent (around seven to eight percent, to be more exact) of the entire wedding budget, and some people who are in the process of planning their wedding even prioritize the floral arrangements that they get as a crucial part of their wedding planning and are willing to spend a good deal of money on them. Hiring a wedding florist is also common, and it allows those planning a wedding to consult with a professional on their specialty floral arrangements and flowers to be, making them as special and fitting as possible for their special day.

Specialty floral arrangements, from flowers bought for Mother’s Day to special anniversary flowers, are common and hugely popular no matter where you may go all throughout the United States. Flowers have long been a great way to say “I love you,” or to even just show how much you truly care about someone. From anniversary flowers to get well ideas, floral arrangements are universal way to show you care.

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