5 Things to Consider When Planning A Party

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When planning a party, whether that be a wedding, sweet 16, graduation celebration, or an assortment of street festivals, it’s always good to know what you’re getting yourself into. Planning parties is a lot of work, and it’s always good to consider what lies ahead when you prepare to plan.

For instance, when you start planning you have to take into account a myriad of small and minute details. Some of these details include decorations, food, activities and more. Here are 5 important aspects you have to consider when in the planning process.

  1. Theme and Purpose
    What kind of party are you having? A wedding? A bat mitzvah? A quinceanera? Knowing what kind of party you want to throw is the first step towards actually having the party. When you do, you can start considering things like renting a tent or looking up where to rent linen. What are the colors of said fabrics? What are some activities that happen at these specific parties? These are the important questions.
  2. Weather
    Next, it’s important to know when you are throwing the party. For instance, a wedding in a woodsy area during summertime sounds lovely, but make sure to bring lots of bug repellent. Also, if it’s winter time you might want to take a moment to think about renting a tent or not. Will it be warm enough? Can you buy heaters? Is it better to just stay indoors?

    Weather is a big factor when you’re planning a party checklist. You’ve got to be aware of what the weather might be and plan accordingly. This doesn’t just speak for the season, but also for the weather of the day. Will it rain? Snow? Will it be scorching hot or a little chilly? Do you need blankets? Tarps to go with your tent rental? Planning ahead is the key to a successful party.
  3. Budget
    This is a big question. How much do you have in your budget? Parties cost a lot of money. For instance, a sweet sixteen in which you celebrate your special little girl’s coming of age can cost anywhere between $300 to $25,000! Then for your “not so little boy who may have a bat mitzvah on the way,” know that those events keep getting bigger and crazier by the year.

    It’s good to know what money you have to spend ahead of time so that you don’t go spending too much during the planning process. For instance, you could start renting a tent and then remember that you have to also get catering, rent furniture, get live music, consider buying party favors, and more! Your wallet just got a whole lot smaller.
  4. Spacing
    Next is to consider the space where you’ll have the party. Your room gives you options for events and things to do. Have room for square dancing? Let’s do it? Have space for a full band to join in or just a dj booth? This hall isn’t big enough to hold all the guests you’re planning to invite? That’s ok, consider renting a tent instead. Once you know what the space your party will be in is like, you can get started with really planning for it.
  5. Guests
    Speaking of guests, how many are coming?! Once you have a space picked out you can be realistic about the size of the party. You may want a large wedding or birthday bash, but if your budget only allows for renting a tent then you’ve got to work with it. That said, tents can come in pretty large sizes now-a-days.

    In addition, the guest list allows you to prepare for all the accessories and add-ons to the event. For instance, when preparing for a party of 15, have a supply of napkins fitting that amount (or a little more). It’s always best to know your necessary numbers and then add a little extra to be safe.

There are many details towards planning a party. Everything from what kind of party you’re having to who are you having it with. That said, don’t let this list scare you. Party planning can be fun and more importantly, it is rewarding. After all the meticulous work you put it, wouldn’t you love to have fun with family and friends? Sounds like fun.

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