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Keep All of Your Crafting Supplies Well-Organized With Stacking Cubes and Other Storage Systems

Crafting is a popular activity in the United States. The Association for Creative Industries conducted research that showed crafting has become even more popular in recent years. Back in 2010, for example, just 56% of the households within this country spent time making crafts. By 2017, however, 63% of American households did so. Even though people of all ages enjoy creating crafts, around 35% of crafters tend to be between the ages of 18 to 34, 37% are aged 35 to 54, and 28% are 55 or older.

While there are many reasons people enjoy making crafts, The British Journal of Occupational Therapy reported on some interesting findings. Apparently, dopamine can be released when people are engaged in creative pursuits such as crafting. According to the study’s results, knitting in particular made a difference in the state-of-mind of 81% of the respondents. The individuals that participated in this study had been experiencing depression, and after knitting, they reported feeling

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Get Crafty About Your Craft Storage Room

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Crafts and DIY activities can provide hours of entertainment and result in beautiful, handmade, useful products. However, depending on your craft of choice, materials can take up a lot of space and are often at risk for being haphazardly strewn across the house. Craft room storage can help bring order the chaos, whether your preferred crafting spot is your bedroom, the living room, or the kitchen counter. There’s generic craft room storage, like hollow, stackable furniture cubes, and more specific storage options, like a ribbon holder organizer