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Three Things to Ask a New Nanny Service

Nanny services

Hiring a nanny to come and take care of your children while you’re at work is a great option to have, especially if you plan on being out of the home a great deal of the time. According to the International Nanny Association, a typical nanny works between 40 and 60 hours a week. Knowing that someone will be around your children so naturally makes choosing a nanny agency very important. If you’re still wondering about what to look for in a good nanny agency, there are three questions that you should make sure to ask.
It’s important to remember going forward that asking questions like these will not make you seem intrusive, rude or picky. It’s the welfare of your children that’s on the line, and you have the right to be as selective as you see fit.

  1. “How Long Have You Been in Business?”
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