Family wii games

Best family games for wii

Though lots of kids, especially teenagers, complain that their parents spend too much time meddling in their business, the reality is that the average parent only spends about 38.5 minutes a week in meaningful conversation with kids. While there are lots of ways to try to up that number, including regular family dinners, many of the best conversations come about organically. This means that simply finding family activities of all kinds is a good idea for parents who want to get more in touch with their kids. In the past, that might meant getting out board games, but nowadays, the best family games for game night might be on the Nintendo Wii.


While one of the benefits of the Wii is that allows users to get up and off the couch, playing Monopoly on the game system offers a nice blend of the a board game and the virtual world. It is one of the best Wii games for family night because it will take a while so kids and parents will spend a good amount of time together and, because there is not too much action, it doesn’t get in the way of a good conversation.

Mario Party 9

Mario is a classic video game character that even older parents who didn’t grow up with video games will recognize. Mario Party has been around since the days of Nintendo 64, and the latest versions on the Wii offer more competition and a more exciting format. As a result, it is one of the best Wii games for family fun nights.

Just Dance 2014

The latest model in the revolutionary series, Just Dance 2014 combines some classic and contemporary music with a format that gets users out of their seat and on their feet. Dancing is always a fun way for families to spend time together, even if kids are initially shy and think that they might be too cool. The combination of fun, competition, and physical activity makes Just Dance one of the best family games for Wii.

Wii Sports

Going golfing, bowling, and playing catch in the backyard with a baseball are common activities for families looking to stay active and spend a bit of time together. On a rainy day, parents and kids alike can enjoy some of the fun of those activities right from their living room by playing Wii Sports. There is even a boxing game that might allow family members to take out some of their frustrations on each other in a healthy way. The many different games and competitions have turned Wii Sports into one of the most popular family fun games on the Wii.

There are hundreds of different Wii games out there, and the best Wii games for family fun nights will vary. However, playing video games, though often thought of as a distraction, is a great way for parents and kids to spend some quality time with each other having fun.