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What Type of Decor Do You Love or Appreciate? Does Your Home Reflect This?

Modern sun loungers

What do you feel when you look around your home? Happy, hopefully. Or perhaps you feel gloomy or stressed when you walk from room-to-room. A recent survey showed that only 20% of Americans feel happy with their home’s decor, while 14% stated that their home’s decor made them feel gloomy and stressed.

If you don’t feel happy when you look around your home, when was the last time you redecorated? Has it been recently? Within the past 5 years? Around 10? A survey indicated that nearly half, or 47% of Americans, hadn’t updated or otherwise redecorated their home in 5 years, while 9% hadn’t done so in over 10. No wonder so many feel blah when they look around their homes.

Where do you fit within that time frame? Or perhaps a better question would be this: How do you envision your home? Do you see a

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