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How the Pillowcases in Your Home Could be Ruining Everyone’s Sleep

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For being the cousin of death as Shakespeare so eloquently considered it, there’s a whole lot of living that goes on while your body and mind are sound asleep. In this relaxed, peaceful, and dreamy state of rest and relaxation, your conscious and cognitive brain dives deep into a slow state of inactivity, while your subconscious goes to work processing the activities, information, and memories of the day, a process known as dreaming. And just as your brain activity slows down from a sprint to a crawl, you body does the same thing with its metabolic processes. Your breathing and heart rate descend into a slow, steady rhythm, your organs slow as well, and most people sleep through the night without waking up to eat, drink or use the bathroom.

So what exactly is your body doing that’s so important during all

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