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Shocking Reasons That Explain Why You Should Never Sleep on the Quality of Your Sleep

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It’s often been said that cousin of sleep is death, and it’s easy to see why. After all, during sleep all of your metabolic processes such as your breathing and your heart beat slow down. Even your body temperature changes! Ironically, there’s a whole lot of living that’s going on and that your body is experiencing while you’re sound asleep. Sleep is the body’s time to go to work repairing itself, which is why it’s so important. Just think, a third of your life is spent sleeping, which means your body is constantly reenergizing and repairing itself! Take for example the fact that the average person will spend roughly 3,000 hours laying down on their mattress each year, according to the National Sleep Foundation. That’s a lot of healing while you’re counting sheep!

Unfortunately, for as important as ge

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