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The Benefits of All Natural Organic Cotton for Both Baby and You

Organic cotton baby bedding

The experts recommend that adults should get between seven to nine hours of sleep every night. However, 42% of Americans usually fall short of this recommended amount of sleep. If you’re not getting the recommended amount of sleep every night, then one of the reasons may be because you have a new baby in the house.

You’ve likely noticed that your newborn sleeps between 10.5 to 18 hours a day. If you’re not able to sleep when they sleep, then you may want to make your bed more inviting with organic cotton sheets and bedding. According to the National Sleep Foundation’s Bedroom Poll, 85% of the participants stated that the feel of their sheets and bedding made a difference in whether or not they experienced a good night’s sleep.

When you are able to sleep, just imagine how much more comfor

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