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Has Your Home Been Damaged in a Storm?


As the insurance adjustor stood on the 15th rung of the 17 rung ladder, he reached above his head and felt the lower cladding on the small second story window. Within just a few seconds he indicated to his partner on the ground that this window was damaged as well. It was a very tall climb for a very short inspection, but the adjuster said he did not want to be the one called clear back out on a claim because he forgot to check the only window in this side of the house.
in all, the inspection only took about 45 minutes, but in that time the team of two climbed up onto your two story walk out basement home and checked all of the gutters and windows as well. It did not take long up on the roof to declare that is was totaled, but the team still took the time to make sure that they were thorough in the rest of the ins

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