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Finding the Right Accompanying Fabrics Can Help You Create a Beautiful T-Shirt Quilt

The quilt was the first thing that she packed when she prepared to leave for the dorm her freshman year in college, and the first thing she unpacked when she arrived. Filled with t-shirts from her high school activities, the custom t-shirt quilt is going to be a reminder of the great times that she had with both families and friends. Made by her grandmother, the quilt will help keep her warm at night, as well as help her remember the times that she enjoyed during her high school years.

Handmade quilts always carry many special memories, but memory quilt patterns are a new trend that are growing increasingly popular. As more and more teenagers find themselves collecting t-shirts from their clubs, their athletic contests, and their favorite places to shops, it should come as no surprise that memory quilts are a perfect way to keep some of those events.

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