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Basement vs. Slab Foundation: Which is Right for Your Home?

The foundation is one of the most crucial aspects of a home. Without a strong, durable foundation, the structure has no hope of lasting a long time. In fact, a poor foundation is one of the most common reasons to move a house. The house lifting process allows for new foundation installation or foundation repair. However, it can be difficult to decide which type of foundation to choose. We’re here to to help you decide which one is right for your home.

Basement Foundations

Most homes in the north have basements below the main structure. A basement is essentially a hole in the ground with a concrete slab at the bottom. Basements are generally built with poured concrete walls to ensure a strong foundation for the house to sit on...

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The Benefits Of Sending Your Child To Private School

When considering where you child will be educated, consider the top private schools in the United States, which now make up a full one quarter of schools all throughout the country. There are many benefits to sending your child to one of the top private schools, from elementary school through high school, as these top private schools are better equipped than the majority of other schools to provide your child with the education that they deserve.

One of the advantages of sending your child to one of the top private schools is that of engagement, both in students and their parents. Student engagement is remarkably high among private schools, with less than five percent of the top private schools complaining of a lack of student engagement. In public schools, on

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Increasing the Beauty of the Outside of Your Home Adds to the Value of Your Property

As much of the nation continues to deal with wildfire and record low rainfall, it should come as no surprise that a growing number of property owners are considering the benefits of hardscaping. Both in places where watering the grass is illegal and in places where it is not, an increasing number of home and business owners realize the value of transforming many of their spaces with hardscaping design ideas. In fact, hardscaping professionals offer a variety of services that can create a beautiful space without the use of daily watering.

We live in interesting times. Even though there is still a large portion of the country that still makes use of traditional landscaping practices like keeping a lush and green lawn, there are others who do not even have this as an option. In many parts of the country, in fact, there is an increasing opportunity for hardscaping contractors to help hom

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Why Communities Need Playgrounds to Help Children Develop

Community playgrounds are important for all towns, cities, villages, and any place where people live to have. Although many people don’t realize it, park playground equipment and the very act of playing helps children grow since it stimulates their brain development. Having a place to congregate and play means kids get the chance to meet with one another and test their gross motor activities. Children that don’t have the chance to make these interactions face limited abilities later on in life. Here’s a look at why a playground is needed in every community.

Children Today Need an Outlet from Too Much Screen Time

Kids today spend too much time on their electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablets. This makes them too dependent on these devices for entertainment and interactions with others. Almost 3/4 of parents worry that their child is getting too much screen time. A great way to combat this is through